GRANT COOPER ~ Conductor - WVa Symphony

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Grant Cooper

Artistic Director & Conductor  

Mr. Cooper was born in Wellington, New Zealand,
the son of a professional opera singer.
He sang and acted in his first opera at age four,
and studied piano and music theory prior to college.
After completing his degree in Pure Mathematics
at the University of Auckland, his performing career took him
to the major concert halls of the world from Beijing to London.
Following a performance at the Henry A. Wood Promenade Concerts
at the Royal Albert Hall under conductor Claudio Abbado,
Mr. Cooper was invited by Maestro Abbado to join
the orchestra of La Scala as solo trumpet.
Instead, Mr. Cooper accepted a fellowship from
the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council for study
with Gerard Schwarz in the United States.
This, in turn, led to performances in New York 's Carnegie Hall
and at Tanglewood under Arthur Fiedler, where he also performed
as principal trumpet under conductors Leonard Bernstein,
Seiji Ozawa, and Sir Neville Marriner, among others.

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___________________________________ CD 'Points in a Changing Circle' /Music for brass by Lilburn - Elmsly - Harris - Rimmer (Click on photo below for Index) __________________________________

This polished recording of music by
New Zealand composers
for solo brass and brass ensemble
includes Lilburn’s
Quartet for Brass Instruments of 1957,
a work declared unplayable when written
but magnificently rendered here.
The CD also features two works
by John Elmsly – Tryptich for trumpet
and electronic sounds, and Gestauqua
for brass quintet and electronic tape
with works by John Rimmer & Ross Harris.

Music for Children of All Ages
Maestro Grant Cooper’s
is the musical version
of the classic stories of
Little Red Riding Hood,
Goldie Locks and the Three Bears,
and Rumplestiltzkin all performed
with delightful music and singing. 
It's an experience for children
- Of all Ages- to learn
how music is composed.
In this version, Mr. Cooper’s music 
runs the gamut of musical styles,
Something for everyone to enjoy!


_______________________________ AOTEAROA Orchestral and String Music by Douglas Lilburn (Click on CD photo of cover below for more information) ________________________________

Douglas Lilburn
Orchestra / Ensemble(s):
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra;
Ithaca College Festival Orchestra

Aotearoa Overture
Concert Overture in D
Introduction and Allegro
(4) Canzonas
6 Diversions
7 Festival Overture