Festival Of The Arts ~ SHOWS 2006 ~ 2008

FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS ____________ _________________  SHOWS ~ Guests ~ Information 2006-2008 ___________ LINDA  TOBOROWSKY Radio Host Freelance Writer _______________ ROY M. STEINBERG~ Artist/ Gallery _____________ KATHRYN JOHNSON GLASER~ Educator ~ Docent ~ Co-Host _____________ KENNETH HARI ~ International Portraitist _____________ DR. HADASSAH GUTTMANN Pianist ~ Educator ___________ Junior Announcer DANIEL BURBANK _________________ Photos Page 1 - 2006 -2007 ___________________ Photos Page 2 - 2006 -2007 _____________ NINA HAND - Performer - Executive Director _____________ BOB YUROCHKO~ Musician ~ Author ~ Artist ______________ DR. THEODORE K. SCHLOSBERG ~ NJ Workshop on the Arts ______________ DR. ANITA O. SOLOMON Clinical Psychologist ~ Musician _____________ ANGELO ORLANDO, Jr. Edison Art Society ______________ LINDA VONDERSCHMIDT-LaSTELLA _____________ BARBARA GOOD - Pianist~ Soloist MyLifeTime Book ____________ RUSS McCUBBIN ACTOR - STUNTMAN ______________ NOELLE COMPINSKY TINTURIN~ Pianist ____________ A TRIBUTE to the BEATLES _____________  MARK TRAUTMAN Conductor ~ NBCO _____________ REBECCA SCOTT - Conductor- Cantabile Chamber Chorale ______________ EVA ETZIONI-HALEVY, Ph.D. Biblical Novelist _____________ The VILLAGER'S THEATRE _____________ ZITA GEOFFROY HEINZ ~ Actor _____________ HEALING THROUGH CREATIVITY _____________ DR. BERNARD ROSE ` Musician - Educator _____________ MARVIN CHEITEN, Ph.D Playwright ~ Director _____________ THE REDDING BROTHERS ~ Musicians ~ Composers _____________ BARRON ARTS CENTER --CYNTHIA KNIGHT Director ______________ LIKE-MINDED ENTERTAINMENT~ Film Makers ______________ LARRY McCULLOUGH, Ph.D. Playwright ` Musician ~ Educator ______________ ROIA RAFIEYAN~ Singer ~ Musician ~ Composer ~ Music Therapist ______________ A Tribute to MARCEL MARCEAU _____________ STEPHEN H. FOREMAN - Screenwriter- Author ___________ THORNEY LIEBERMAN~ Photographer ___________ DEBBIE HILL - Photojournalist ____________ JULIA SADD Journalist - Lyricist - Author ____________ CINDY BOGGS- Author - Instructor - Speaker ____________ BRUCE K. HALEY, Jr --Photographer _______________ AILA ACCAD Speaker ~ Author _____________ Bobby Gonzalez Storyteller ____________ Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission ___________ LEO KRAFT Composer ~ Theorist ~ Pedagogue ____________ GARY JAMES Poet - Author - Speaker ___________ Dr. MARTIN HALPERN Playwright ~ Poet ~ Composer ~ Educator ___________ BLENKO GLASS COMPANY ___________ RUTH KIRK - Author Childrens' Books ____________ POETS WEDNESDAY Edie Eustice ~ Deborah LaVeglia ____________ GRANT COOPER ~ Conductor - WVa Symphony ___________ Katelyn Dawn - Composer - Singer - Musician ___________ Gary Cohen Producing Director MIDDLESEX COUNTY'S Plays-In-The-Park ______________ PHIL PEPE Sports Writer ~ Author _____________ ROBERT CUCCIOLI Actor ` Singer ` Director Stage & Television ___________ LARRY GROCE - Singer ~ Composer ~ Executive Director of FESTIVALL~ 'When A City Becomes A Work of Art' ____________ EAST BRUNSWICK LIBRARY - A 21st Century Community Center ____________ Andy Rothstein Guitarist ~ Songwriter ~ Composer ____________


Hosts: Linda Toborowsky WV/  Roy Steinberg NJ
Co-Hosts Kathryn Johnson Glaser and Randy D’Agostino
Jr. Announcer Daniel Grzesik

Artistic Consultant:
Kenneth Hari ~ International Portraitist

Music Consultant:
Dr. Hadassah Guttman ~  Pianist- Educator

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Shows are Broadcast on
Station: WCTC 1450 AM /  1-(888) 545-9282
(732) 545-9282
And from AdMix Broadcasting in Charleston, W.Va.
(304) 744-0022


1. 10/29/06    
    Hosting: NJ- Roy Steinberg and NJ-Linda Toborowsky
    Co-Host: Kathryn Glaser   Zimmerli Art Museum    NJ
   Nina Hand  Exec. Director of Edison Arts Society         
 Call-In: Hadassah Guttmann  Concert Pianist / Music Consultant     NY                                                
2.  11/5/06  
Hosting: NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
     Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser                                 
     Bob Yurochko Musician / Artist / Writer/Teacher                NJ
     Author of  ‘The Short Story of Jazz’/   Kean College Professor 
    Call-In:   Hadassah Guttmann   Concert  Pianist / Music Consultant  NY
3.  11/12/06  
Hosting: NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
    Dr. Theodore Schlosberg   Musician / Educator                NJ 
    Founder -Director :N.J. Workshop on the Arts                                           
 Call-In- Kathryn Johnson Glaser at Sheraton Gallery in Edison

4. 11/26/06   
Hosting: NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
    Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser  
Dr. Anita Ostrin Solomon   Psychologist / Musician     Md.
   Diplomate in Clinical Psychology    
   Show: ‘Power and Poetry of Music’ Memories-Emotions-Seasons’
5. 12/03/06 
    Hosting: NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
    Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser  Zimmerli Art Museum
    Angelo Orlando  Musician / Producer / Conductor              NJ
    Co- Founder of the Edison Symphony & Edison Arts Society  
6.12/10/06 Hosting:   NJ- Roy Steinberg and    WV-Linda Toborowsky
                     Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser Zimmerli Art Museum  
                     Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella  Artist / Clayworks      NJ
                     Edison Arts Gallery Director -Owner of EarthSongs 
        Becky Offut   Business Ower / Gallery Director         WVa.                       
        Co-Owner Komax Business Systems  So.Charleston & Huntington  
  Show:  ‘In the Gallery or Museum   What Makes a Masterpiece?’
7.  12/17/06 Hosting:   NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
                   Co-Host:  Kathryn Johnson Glaser  Zimmerli Art Museum
                   Barbara Good     Pianist / Singer / Performer          WVa.
                                              Cabaret and Cantorial Soloist
           Call-in:  Hadassah Guttman   Concert Pianist /Music Consultant  N.Y.
           Call-in:  Rifka Reiken  Educator / Musician / Grandmother Penn.
          Show:  ‘Singing through the Heart ~ From Generation to Generation’
8.   01/07/07 Hosting:   NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
                      Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser  Zimmerli Art Museum
                      Kenneth Hari  International Portraitist / Artist / Sculptor  NJ/NY
      Show:   ‘Mainly Movie Month’
9.    01/14/07   Hosting:   NJ-Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
                        Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser   Zimmerli Art Museum
                        Russ McCubbin    Hollywood Movie Actor / Westerns     W.Va.
           Show: ‘Hollywoood and Horses’ 
10.   01/21/07 Hosting: NJ-  Roy Steinberg and WV-Linda Toborowsky
                   Co-Host: Kathryn Johnson Glaser   Kenneth Hari 
                   Noelle Compinsky-Tinturin   Pianist / Educator California 
             Show: ‘The Music is the Message’  
11.  02/04/07  Hosting: WV-Linda Toborowsky   Kathryn Johnson Glaser  NJ
                        Kenneth Hari and Beatles Expert, Randy D'Agostino
                        Electric Guitarist,  Joe LaFagola                                       NJ             
          Call-In from England, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey
          Show: ‘The BEATLES!  50 Years Since the Beat Began”
 12.  03/11/07   Hosting: WV-Linda Toborowsky and NJ- Randy D’Agostino 
                       Kathyrn Johnson Glaser, Docent Zimmerli Art Museum
                       Kenneth Hari, International Portraitist 
         Show:   ‘Portraits and BlueGrass’
13.  03/ 25 /07 Hosting: NJ-Linda Toborowsky and Randy D’Agostino  
                                                              Jr. Co-Host:  Daniel Grzesik 
                     Larry and Barbara Good   Authors My LifeTime Book    WV
                     Call-In: Kenneth Hari- Ky. /
Roy Steinberg- NJ / 
                                 Dr. Hadassah Guttman -   NY                                                     
                       Show:  “My LifeTime Book”
14.  04/15/07   Hosting: WV-Linda Toborowsky Kathryn Johnson Glaser   NJ
                        Co-Hosting:  Kenneth Hari and Randy D’Agostino                      
                        NEW BRUNSWICK CHAMBER ORCHESTRA                      NJ
                        Dr. John Semmlow President -NBCO /Jan Reinhart Publistist      
                       Show: “OUR MUSICAL HERITAGE / The Music of Hungary’
15.  04/22/07 
Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky  WV and Kathryn Johnson Glaser  NJ             
     Guest:  Rebecca Scott   Artistic Director and Conductor
     Educator  Juliard School of Music  NY 
     Guest:  Jerry Phillips Vocal Artist / Juwan Phillips- Student Choir
     Call-In:  Youth Singer  Robert Vasha  and Charlotte
   Show:  'SPRING AWAKENING /Turn the World Around'
16.  04/29/07 
       Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky and Kathryn Johnson Glaser   NJ
      Jr. Announcer:  Daniel Grzesik
    Guest:  Rebecca Scott   Artistic Director and Conductor
    Educator  Juliard School of Music  NY 
    Guest:  Jerry Phillips Vocal Artist / Juwan Phillips- Student Choir
   Show: ‘Ruth Scott Clark, Composer - Pianist  Interviewed by phone (95 year old)  
17.  05/06/07 Hosting: NJ-Linda Toborowsky and Kathryn Johnson Glaser
                      Randy D’Agostino and Jr. Co-Host Daniel Grzesik
                      Portraitist, Kenneth Hari’s work of BILL MONROE              NJ
                      Call-In: Dr. Campbell Mercer   President of Museum         KY
        Show: ‘PORTRAIT of AMERICANA/ Bill Monroe- Father of Bluegrass’  
18. 05/ 13/07 Hosting: NJ- Linda Toborowsky and Kenneth Hari
                      Jr. Co-Host Daniel Grzesik 
                      Call-In: Dr. Campbell Mercer     KY    Caller: Thomas
                      Call-In: Rifka Reifen   Pennsylvania
19.  05/20/07 Hosting: WV-Linda Toborowsky and Kathryn Glaser
                      Kenneth Hari and Randy D’Agostino
                      In the Studio in Charleston: Jeanette Kanner 
                      NJ Guest: Dr. EVA ETZIONI-HALEVY Israeli Biblical Novelist   
        Show: ‘The Song of Hannah and the Garden of Ruth’ 
20. 05-27-07 Hosting: WV-Linda Toborowsky and Kathryn Glaser
                      Kenneth Hari and Randy D’Agostino
                      In the Studio in Charleston: Jeanette Kanner
                      Mark Trautman, Artistic Director & Conductor NBCO          NJ
                      Choir Director: Christ Church in New Brunswick, NJ
                      Teacher: Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers Univ.
         Show: ‘A DAY TO REMEMBER’ (Memorial Day Show) 
21.  06-03-07 Hosting: WV –Linda Toborowsky and Kathryn Glaser          NJ
               Kenneth Hari from Las Vegas
               VILLAGE THEATRE                                                   Somerset, NJ
                     NJ Guests: Matthew DiCarlo, Executive Director
                    Jeff Dworkin, Executive Director of Operations
       Show: ‘CINDERELLA’ Playing at the Somerset Theatre
22.  06-10-07 Hosting: WV –Linda Toborowsky Kathyrn Glaser in    NJ
                     Kenneth Hari  and Randall D’Agostino
                     Zita Geoffroy, Performer, Actress, Singer, Dancer      NJ
      Show:  ‘Song – Dance – Performance’
23.    07-08-07 Hosting: WV –Linda Toborowsky  Kathryn Glaser in NJ
                 In Charleston:  George Robertson, President of HTC
                Tracey Ballard visiting from Australia
24.    07-15-07  Hosting: -Linda Toborowsky   Kathryn Glaser                  NJ
                         Jeanette Kanner in Studio  
 Call In Guest: Dr. Hadassah Guttmann  Pianist, Music Educator 
 Call In Guest: Dr. Bernard Rose  Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Educator  NY
 Call in Guest: Reena Gottesmann  (student of Dr. Guttmann)           NJ                
                  Show:  ‘PAIR A-DOCS’
25. 07-29-07 Hosting: WV –Linda Toborowsky   Jeanette Kanner     WV
     Guest In NJ Studio: Marvin Chieten, Poet, Playwright Princeton, NJ
     By phone: Actor, Joe Whelski                                          Hoboken, NJ
                        Actor, Joanne Nosuchsky                                  Howell, NJ
     Show: ‘WIZZER’S ISLAND’  sequel to “MISS CONNECTIONS”
     Marvin Cheiten’s  Plays at Princeton Summer Theatre 2006-2007
26. 08-05-07  Hosting: WV –Linda Toborowsky   Kathryn Glaser in NJ
                          Jeannette Kanner in Studio
                          The Redding Brothers: Micah & Gabriel in Charleston studio
                          Josiah Redding from Nashville, Tennessee by phone
                          Audience including:  Sheila, Destiny, and Ciara Jordan
                          Monteia, Parish and Sophia and Betsy and many Fans
                          Show:  ‘THE REDDING BROTHERS’                  
27. 08-19-07 Hosting:  WV –Linda Toborowsky  Kathryn Glaser in NJ
                      Jeannette Kanner in Studio
                      Guest in NJ:   Zita Geoffroy  (see June 10, 2007)
                      Call-In Guest:  Barbara Arfsten – Zita’s Private Tutor
                      Show:   ‘CABARETS & ACADEMIES’
28.     09-02-07  Hosting:    Linda Toborowsky    Daniel Grzesik               NJ
                           In Studio: Gary Borstein
                           Cynthia Knight,  Director Barron Arts Center  Woodbridge
                     Show:  BARRON CENTER 130 YEARS CELEBRATION
29. 09-09- 07 Hosting:Linda Toborowsky  Kathyrn Glaser Daniel Grzesik  NJ    
                        Like-Minded Entertainment, Inc.
                        Sandra Longo  Debra Higgins  Lizbeth Finn-Arnold in Studio 
                        Anna-Maria Vag
                        Show: INDEPENDENT Filmmaking:  “SNAKE HILL”
30. 09-16-07 Hosting: Linda Toborowsky and  Kathryn Glaser               NJ
                     Jr. Announcer: Daniel Grzesik  
                    Larry McCullough, Ph.D.  – Playwright – Teacher – Musician 
                    Woodbridge Township  Arts Council
                    Show: Play to open in NY:  ‘Your Basic American Monday’
31. 09-23-07   Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky   Daniel Grzesik                  NJ     
                        Roia Rafieyan,  Music Therapist -  Singer – Composer
     Call In Guest: Dr. Janice Dvorkin                          from San Antonio, Texas
                        Doctor of Psychology- Music Therapist
        Show:  ‘THE POWER OF MUSIC’
32.  09-30-07      Hosting: WV Linda Toborowsky    Kathryn Glaser            NJ
                           Kenneth Hari in Studio (Portrait of Marcel Marceau 1973-74)
 Call In Guest:  Gregg Goldston Mime – Teacher – Dancer                 from NY
                           Protégé – Colleague – Friend of Marcel Marceau  
            Show:  ‘A TRIBUTE TO MARCEL MARCEAU’ 
33.  10-07-07   Hosting:  WV Linda Toborowsky   
                     Stephen H. Foreman  Screenwriter – Scriptwriter Author    NY
                      Author:  ‘TOEHOLD’
34.  10-14-07   Hosting:  WV  Linda Toborowsky
                        Thorney Lieberman -  Photographer                        NY   -   WV
         Show:   Through the Vision of Thorney Lieberman- Photographer’
35. 10-28-07 ANNIVERSARY BROADCAST  –  A Year in Retrospect
                     Hosting:  WV Linda Toborowsky / NJ Kathryn Johnson Glaser
www.FestivaloftheArts.50megs.com   Photo Pages 1 and 2
                    Reading emails from Guests / Call- Ins
36. 11-04-07    Hosting:  WV Linda Toborowsky
        Debbie Hill – Photojournalist from WVa  Now from Jerusalem, Israel
       www. DebbieHill.com  
       Show: ‘The Art and Times of Debbie Hill’

37.  11-18-07  Hosting:  WV Linda Toborowsky
                  Julia Sadd   Author – Journalist – Lyricist                     WV
                 ‘Caleea – The Christmas Camel’ Co-Authored with Kay Adams
                  www. JuliaSadd.com  
   Show:   ‘Follow Your Heart’
 38.  12-02-07  Hosting:  WV  Linda Toborowsky 
                        Cindy Boggs      Author –Fitness Instructor                   WV
                   TV and Radio Personality / WOWK-TV Ask the Expert
                   Columnist / Sunday Gazette-Mail / Cindy Says
Show: ‘The Art of Creating Your Health’
39.     12-16-07  Hosting:   WV  Linda Toborowsky
                          Bruce K. Haley, Jr.   Photographer – CPA – Mentor
                          Traditional – PhotoDigital – Abstract Impressionistic    WV               
          Show:   ‘A Photographer for all Seasons’
40.  12-23-07  Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky    WV    Kathryn Glaser  NJ
                                        Randall D’Agostino   NJ
                Show:  ‘The Art of Holiday Tradition’
41.  01-06-08  Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky                                      WV
                  Aila Accad  MSN – RM – Writer – Healing CDs 
                                      Workshops - Seminars
     Show:  ‘Inspiring People to Live Their Dreams’
42.  01-13-08   Hosting:  Linda Toborowsky WV         Kathryn Glaser       NJ 
                      Bobby Gonzalez – Storyteller         
                      Native American Indian– Caribbean – Afro-American Folklore
www.BobbyGonzalez.com      and
                      Anna Aschkenes – Author  &  Executive Director  -  
                      Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission  
         Show:  ‘Inheriting Our Heritage Through Storytelling’

43.   01-20-08   Linda Toborowsky       WV      
                         Anna Aschkenes  Author and Executive Director        NJ
                         Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission
           Show:  ‘Celebrating the Diversity of Many Nations.’
44.  01-27-08  Linda Toborowsky    WV
            Leo Kraft  Composer - Pedagogue - Author - Theorist- Professor Emeritus
            Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College
           American Music Center: 
www.AMC.net  Great Neck, NY
           Show:  ‘Compositions to a Time and Places’
45.  02-10-08   Linda Toborowsky  WV
                  Gary Lloyd James – Poet – Artist – Author       Carteret, NJ
     Show: ‘Speaking From the Heart’
46. 02-24-08  Linda Toborowsky  Host    WV
                Dr. Martin Halpern-                                        Brooklyn, NY
                Professor – Playwright – Composer – Librettist
                Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College / Queens, NY
Show:  ‘Musical Composition’
03-09-09            Repeat Broadcast:  (See 11-26-06)    Dr. Anita Solomon
47.  03-16-08 Pre-Recorded / Linda Toborowsky   Host             WV
                 BLENKO GLASS COMPANY                    Milton, WV
                Katie Garrison – Marketing Director
                Trista Davis – Cost Analyst
48.  03-23-08    Linda Toborowsky   Host                                      WV
                       Roy Steinberg – Artist – Art Educator – Talk Show Host   NJ
                       Expressionist - Realism - Cubism - Representationalism 
                       Co-Founder of the FESTIVAL of the ARTS
          Show:  ‘The Genius of Creativity’
49. 03-30-08  Linda Toborowsky   Host                  WV
          Ruth Lynn Kirk      Author 
          'Charlie the Pony'  Series of Children's books
          Based on personal and true life stories.
          *See Author's Web page on:
50. 04-06-08  Linda Toborowsky Host                                             WV
                  Kathryn Johnson Glaser   Co-Host                                NJ
                  Deborah LaVeglia  Published Poet – Heads Poets Wednesday
                  Edie Eustice – Poet  - Co-Founder Poets Wednesday                        
www.BaronArtsCenter.com    Woodbridge, NJ
51.  04-20-08 Pre-Recorded 04-15-08  Linda Toborowsky  Host  WV
                       Maestro Grant Cooper–  WV Symphony Orchestra  Conductor
                       Conductor – Composer – Educator 
         Show:  ‘The Art of Musical Direction’  
52.  04-27-08  Linda Toborowsky WV   Kenneth Hari in Canada
                  Katelyn Dawn  Singer- Composer – Musician            Canada
                  CD’s ‘Open Your Eyes’  April 2006  / ‘The Window’  April 2008      
    Show:  ‘Canada’s Dynamic Katelyn Dawn’
53.  05-04-08   Repeat show originally aired 03-23-08
                   Roy Steinberg  Artist – Art Educator – Talk Show Host   NJ
54.  05-11-08  Linda Toborowsky- WV / Kathryn Glaser & Kenneth Hari  NJ
                    Gary Cohen  Composer – Writer – Producing Director   NJ
                    Middlesex County’s Plays In The Park  
          Show:  ’46 Years of Plays In The Park’
55. 05-18-08  Linda Toborowsky                                                            WV  
                    Phil Pepe  - Sports Writer –(Yankees)  -  Author                NJ
                   Journalist for the Daily News in NY covering Yankees               
        Show:  ‘In Good Times and Bad’                                 
56.  05-25-08 Pre-Recorded:  05-21-08     Linda Toborowsky                  WV
                    Robert Cuccioli   Actor – Singer – Performer - Director       NJ
                    Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey / Broadway/ Off-Broadway
                           Phantom of the Opera / Jekyll and Hyde 
www.robertcuccioli.com     www.ShakespeareNJ.org
       Show:  ‘Bringing Characters to Life’  
57.  06-08-08  Pre-Recorded 06-04-08   Linda Toborowsky  Host             WV             
                     Larry Groce – Singer – Songwriter – Host Mountain Stage
                     Executive Director  FestivALL Charleston
       Show:  ‘A City Becomes A Work of Art’
58.  06-15-08  Repeat show Originally aired May 18, 2008
                       Phil Pepe  - Sports Writer –(Yankees)  -  Author               NJ
59. 06-22-08  Linda Toborowsky  Host    WV  Kenneth Hari  Co-Host
                      Maryellen Firestone  East Brunswick Library  Assist. Director
                      Elizabeth Gittleman  Board of East Brunswick Art Commission
                      Robin Rushfield  President of Friends of the Library          NJ   
          Show: ‘Our 21st Century Library’
60.  06-29-08   Linda Toborowsky  Host      Kenneth Hari  Co-Host             NJ
                         Jake Rothstein Jr.  Announcer                                         NJ
                         Andy Rothstein  Composer – Songwriter- Guitarist          NJ
                        CD:  VooDoo Tone  2006
                        Alissa Rothstein – Webdesigner – Public Relations Director
        Show:    ‘Andy Rothstein’