KENNETH HARI ~ International Portraitist

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Portraitist~ Sculptor ~ Artist

Kenneth Hari believes in the tradition of portraiture to preserve and record people who have contributed to Mankind in the world of Science, Entertainment, Art, and Business.


Poet W. H. Auden 
The notable poet W. H. Auden wrote of Kenneth Hari:

"Your portraits should serve as a unification of Man, not as decorative ornaments. Continue your portrait work. It is excellent."

Over the past 38 years Kenneth Hari has continued his craft as a master portraitist.  His portraits and lithographs are part of many collections throughout the world including the Vatican, Rome, Italy; the Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain; the National Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria; the National Portrait Gallery, London, England; and held by numerous businesses, institutions, universities, and within many private collections.
Click Here for a Full List of Kenneth Hari's Portraits of world celebrities created through personal sittings and postumously.


Sunday March 24, 1974
Kenneth Hari was
notified that
Pope Paul VI
"With Gratitude"
the gift of Ken's
lithograph "Prophet."
The original print
is in the Vatican's
collection of work
by contemporary artists.



BILL MONROE  Father of Bluegrass 1976   Portrait by  KENNETH HARI

Photo of BILL MONROE with Portraitist KENNETH HARI

In 1976, Kenneth Hari created the portrait of Bill Monroe. Kenneth describes those special hours with 'The Father of Bluegrass,' during the sittings, as memorable and enjoyable and found Bill Monroe to be a 'Gentleman's Gentleman."  


Portrait of Actor Dustin Hoffman by Kenneth Hari



"Kenneth, thank you for painting me.  Your portrait is not a mere inspiration, the transient expression of private moods, but a work of communication meant to endure."    Dustin Hoffman


Photo of Kenneth Hari with Dustin Hoffman during portrait sitting.


Moses_small.jpg (8975 bytes)

Beatrice_small.jpg (17999 bytes)

The_Prophet_small.jpg (9690 bytes)

Kenneth Hari's Crystal Lucite Sculptures






Kenneth Hari with Canadian Singer - Composer - Musician, Katelyn Dawn
(Click on Photo for more information)

Kenneth and Katelyn Dawn in Canada
During one of the sittings for her portrait
April  2008