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A Tribute to Rosa Parks
By Gary Lloyd James

The request was made for me to give up my seat
I said to myself, they must be crazy, after standing in this heat?
The statement was made with a condescending voice
For me to give up my seat, and that it wasn't my choice
They were stunned when I made my reply
That I wasn't moving, and that's no lie
I could see their faces changing color
As the bus driver got up and walked over
Suddenly there was this still eerie hush
That moved so quickly throughout the entire bus
It looked like there was this great storm coming
So I adjust my demeanor,
because to them,
I was no longer charming
I could hear people holding their breaths
Because it looks like trouble was about to set
I sat quietly refusing to speak
Being cooped up in this bus, with sweat running down my cheeks
Ignoring the pleas to give in, and obey
Even the suggestion to leave now, and
fight another day
It got to the point where everyone
knew I was going to jail
And they took the time to remind me of all those who tried and failed
The cops came first with a warning for me to keep the peace
As if I wasn't the one, being forced to leave my seat
So there I was, with my finger pressed in ink
With all that has taken place, I must now go to my cell, and think
About what I have done whether it be small or great
I did all that was in my power, and took all that I could take
Somehow I think I have done the right thing
Now, it’s up to my people, to break this negative ring 
I do not know what tomorrow will bring
Whether I have made matters worse,
or be blamed for the circumstance I am in
Something tells me this could turn into a full-scale attack
At least that was the view, from where I sat.